As we step into my sophomore year in the Top Alcohol Dragster class, my crew and I have been quite busy since my final race in Dallas last October. Although we left the track confused and distraught with the performance of my Copeland dragster, we went back to the basics and started from scratch. During the offseason we replaced hoses and fittings from Aeroquip and Jiffy-Tite, spark plug wires from Taylor Cable, ARP nuts and bolts, Racepak wires, Clevite bearings and rings, put in new seat belts, and refreshed all of our motors and parts. Some may see it as overkill to put as much effort and time as we do into these race cars, but we are here to compete and win. We will try our best to get that edge over our competition and be one step ahead because that will make all the difference at the finish line.

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