10 Essential Social Media Content Ideas for the Off-Season

Social Media

Don’t go silent on social media just because you’re no longer on the track for the off-season! Keeping up on social media all year long is crucial to building momentum for your following on and off the ‘gram. Beyond your racing stats and updates, there are tons of content ideas for motorsports athletes like you. 

Here are 10 of my favorite content ideas for the off-season.

Race Recaps and Highlights

Recaps of your best moments on the track will keep new followers informed of your accolades and remind your fans of just why they’re rooting for you in the first place!

Sponsor Product Uses Outside of the Track at Home

Lots of motorsports sponsors are for products on the track, but there are plenty of options for products that have their place in the home or shop, too. Increase your off-the-track marketing sponsorships for the off-season to keep your revenue steady.

Black Friday or a Year-End Sale for Your Merchandise

It’s convenient that the off-season kicks off right around Black Friday! This is a great opportunity to put your merchandise on sale and increase your marketing content for it during the holidays.

Preview for Next Year

The new year is coming up! If you’ve got your races and partnerships locked in already, then now is a great time to spread the word. Share your schedule and new sponsors for the next season.

New Projects in the Shop

You’re probably using the off-season to get to work in the shop. Behind-the-scenes content is a great way to strengthen the relationships you’re forming on social media. Highlight the projects you’ve got going on in the shop to take people along for the journey!

Service during the Off-Season

Educational posts for other racers can increase your perception as an authority in the field. The off-season is the time for you to review and recertify all your safety items, parts, and equipment. Share about it on social media to give followers a BTS look at racing life and remind your fellow racers to do the same.

Show Your Personality

Your personality will be the thing followers are drawn to you over everyone else. Show it off with funny or quirky videos. TikTok and Instagram Reels have made this easier than ever!

Get to Know Your Fans

The off-season is a time for you to focus on other relationships, like the one you have with your fans. Take some time on social media to get to know your fans have them get to know you a little better. Do a Q & A in Instagram stories or on Instagram Live.

Re-Share Interviews

Old interviews are wonderful for repurposing, especially now that you’re not actively involved in press or media. Take some of your favorite moments and reshare them to your social media. If you’ve got new interviews lined up for 2022, share about that schedule to get your followers interested and excited!

Hobbies You Enjoy Outside of Racing

Who are you outside of racing? Show your followers and your prospective sponsors your multifaceted interests. Whatever your hobbies are, sharing about them on social media will make you all the more human and trustworthy to the people supporting you.

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