“The most powerful thing you can do right now is to be patient while things are unfolding for you.” – Idil Ahmed

A great big THANK YOU to the hundreds of people who have congratulated us on our 2018 Lucas Oil Drag Racing Series Central Region points championship!!! The amount of love and support we have received this week is second to none.

Rolling into Gateway Motorsports Park, we were all very confident we would leave with the championship, and event Wally, in hand. Having placed second there twice, we knew we could return to the final round with one or both of our dragsters. However, that is not how our weekend ended. Rachel and I qualified No. 1 and 2 with my car having the quickest and fastest time of the race with only one qualifying session due to the weather. Going into first round we both struggled immensely as her coupler broke and my car smoked the tires, the outing that none of us wanted for our last pass of 2018.

Dean Dubbin, a torque-converter dragster based out of Minnesota, was on my tail in points and he would have to win the event to pass me and clinch the championship. I was extremely nervous while we were leaving the track and he had just won the semifinal round. We tuned into D3TV on YouTube for our 4-hour drive back home to Kansas, and I couldn’t believe it when his blower broke and he lost to Robin Samsel in the final round. We were all extremely happy and a huge weight was lifted off our shoulders – we were the regional champs!!

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