“When opportunity knocks, it’s too late to prepare.” – John Wooden

SEMA 2018 has thankfully ended, and I feel like I sprinted (with a heavy backpack) a marathon; events are no joke! (deep breath) It was intense, it was exhilarating, it was vulnerable.

Trade shows are a marathon, not a sprint. Energetically being “on” for four days and engaging with thousands of humans was nerve-racking. Public speaking can be a sport, a sport in which you have to train your body and mind to react and interact the proper ways. Never mind the load-in and load-out situations, and constantly watching our dragster to make sure nothing gets damaged during the show.

Events like this take an army, and I am very grateful for my team who made this possible. I can’t imagine having a dragster in a show like this without the amazing group from NGK Spark Plugs, and my team for taking the time to turn the race car into a show car and helping coordinate the very complicated logistics and transportation to and from the show.

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