“When you start something new, it’s okay to do it in an unsustainable way. Once you achieve it, then you can devote your time to figuring out how to sustain it. They’re two different playbooks.” – Rick Rubin

This quote hit home for me when I read it on Luke Bogacki’s email newsletter as I’ve dedicated 2019 to growing and learning something new each month. (click here for a list of recommended books I’ve read to grow my business.) I’m on track to become a certified digital marketing strategist, and with that comes spending time using websites, blogging, and social media as tools to expanding my brand in unique ways. In the end, I want to offer these skills to other race teams, tracks, and companies in motorsports to better our industry as a whole.

One thing I want to use more of this season (and I encourage everyone else to use it as well) is IGTV. I LOVE Instagram and they are pushing IGTV more and more, especially now with having a direct link to the full video in your feed. I am going to start a new Vlog series on IGTV and see how it performs vs. my old vlog on YouTube.

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