“Never confuse a single defeat with a final defeat.” – F. Scott Fitzgerald

Since my latest blog, we have gone through some highs and lows. Our race that was supposed to be the next one, Tulsa Regional, got rained out and rescheduled to the beginning of August. This hurt us by not allowing us to go test our new Copeland-built A/Fuel Dragster sponsored by Dot’s Homestyle Pretzels and Menards, but when Rachel hit the throttle for the first time during the first qualifier of the Route 66 Nationals, she didn’t hesitate to lay down one of the quickest runs of the session. Our team (especially Rachel) has put in countless hours to make sure this brand-new chassis and motor would be seamless into our production, and she finished off the weekend taking home the JEGS AllStars runner-up, after defeating me (for the first time might I add). I was so happy for her and I knew she had a real chance to get the win. Unfortunately, the heat of the day slowed us down too much against the reigning champ, Joey Severance.

Unfortunately, her weekend ended short as she was knocked out first round of the national race. I went on to make it to another final round, but we had mechanical problems and didn’t have a chance to run against Chris Demke. We then moved on to the Topeka Heartland Nationals, but first visited two Menards stores to chat with the community about our favorite pretzels and invite friends out to the races.

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