We are living in strange times, y’all. Which is why it’s so important to remember that we all have the choice to choose innovation or fear. Whatever you decide you’re capable of, you’re right. So, if you choose to stay standing and push through this tough time, you’re right, and if you choose to find excuses, you’re right.

Whenever I hit a rocky patch in my life or business, I remember these words from my mentor Jasmine Star: “Focus on what you’ve built rather than getting distracted by what you could lose.”⠀

When I repeat those words to myself, my doubts start to disappear and I’m able to overcome obstacles, which have been stacking up lately.

This blog post was dedicated to posting about our recent race results and wedding date that’s coming up in less than 2 weeks, instead, we’re uncertain if we can even get married this year.

BUT, in the spirit of thankfulness despite everything going on with the corona virus, I just want to acknowledge how totally grateful I am for my supportive fiancé, and our good health and safe home.

I love my weekends at home when I’m not racing, and I am very thankful that I get to be quarantined with the ones I love while spring arrives. I can’t wait for the warmer weekends once April hits now that we know we will not be racing next month. Every year I look forward to spending time out in the yard getting the garden ready for vegetables, followed by soaking up the sun and catching fish at the lake, and getting in some type of outdoor exercise like tennis or bike riding. It’s an incredible feeling to breath in the fresh spring air full of possibilities and I think that’s something we all need right now.

Everything will hopefully go back to normal in a couple of weeks, and as we transition through this phase of rest and development, I want to give you something to take with you:


➡️ First, reach out to graphic designers, website designers, and photographers who will collaborate or trade services with you to update your website, or if you don’t have one yet, make one! A designer can also create social media graphics that are eye catching for your platforms if you can’t take new pictures right now.

➡️ Is there a way to give back to your community? Can you use your trailer or golf cart or equipment for someone in need? Can you donate to your local small shops?

➡️ Give your favorite small businesses a shout out on social or give them a review online! Sharing, liking, and commenting on their social media posts is a great way for you to support your friend’s business without spending any money.

➡️ Reach out to your favorite organizations within the racing community, mine are RFC, DRAW, and Women in Auto Care, and see what you can do to support them in these hard times.

If you are wanting to dive deeper into growing your business online using social media, visit my online course (go at your own pace) with a step-by-step workbook called Driven by Social.


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