3 Things All Sponsors Need to See From You


When you’re walking into that sponsorship meeting with future sponsors, you can bet that your potential investors are looking for a select few things. They see lots of racers and other influencers and they need to know that you are their best shot at growth and value.

When putting together your marketing deck, here are 3 things that your sponsors absolutely must see:


To sponsors, you are an advertising investment. And like in every investment, they are going to want to see numbers. So have ready your social media insights to tell them: who are your followers? what is your reach? how many people watch your stories, your reels, or IGTVs? That should all be in there!

Past Results

You brought all those impressive numbers: now what? Put those numbers in perspective for them! Show them case studies of previous and current sponsors and how your influence helped their brand. Try to reach out to a current or past sponsor for a testimonial quote of how they enjoyed working with you to add into your deck and build your authority.


Okay, I know you already know this one but hear me out.

This information should be presented to them professionally because that will be a sneak peek of what working with you will be like: a professional and enriching brand experience!

Achieve this by putting all of that info in a marketing deck (all beautifully done with your branding). It should have videos, photos, and graphics as examples of what you can deliver.


You already have the numbers on your social media insights, so you can prepare your deck with examples of the content that you already created! This means that you’ll have to be intentional in the content you are posting to display what you think your fans will like to see, and that aligns with your brand.

Then you should be able to answer what does the reach on your Instagram mean to them? How can it help them sell and grow? Does your audience fall into their target market?

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