3 Easy Ways to Jumpstart Your Instagram Engagement

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Building engagement on your social media is one of the keys to social media growth and success and getting more exposure for your sponsors. But how exactly you turn random viewers into loyal race fans can be tricky. Today I’m going to share with you some of my favorite techniques for building engagement on Instagram and Facebook. The ultimate goal is to build trust between you and your followers; these tips will help you do just that!

Engage the Comments

The comment section is one of the best places to start engaging with your followers. Start by going back and liking and replying back to comments left on your previous posts. Making sure that the followers who went out of their way to communicate with you get rewarded with 2-way communication is a valuable way to build trust, and keep them coming back for more.

Use Story Stickers

Instagram Stories are the primary way people are using Instagram these days, did you know that? If you’re not already exploring the wide range of engagement opportunities Instagram Stories has to offer, you’re missing out!

There are all kinds of stickers you can use on your stories to directly hear from and engage with your followers. Try out a simple poll, have them take a quiz, or ask them a question. Don’t overthink it; ask easy “did you know” questions with fun stats about your race car or ask them something they like to do outside of racing.

Make sure to engage back as much as you can! DM everyone who answers your poll or quiz, and share the question responses to build that trust.

Call to Engagement in the Caption

You know all about calls to action and how you can use your captions to drive your followers to your link in bio on Instagram, or link in caption on Facebook. But an underrated use of that important point in your post is to have them engage directly with your post! Ask them to leave a comment, or better yet to tag someone that your post reminds them of. Some ideas could be to leave an emoji about how they feel about the end of the season, what was their favorite highlight of the year, or what race they will attend next.

All of these Instagram tricks will help you boost your engagement! For a seriously thorough engagement plan for you to follow step-by-step, grab my Daily Engagement Plan here! It’s designed for motorsports athletes, just like you.

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