4 Easy Posts Ideas for Racers to use Right Now!

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Are you stuck when it comes to posting online right now? *I see you nodding your head yes*

We’re in that awkward phase of the off-season ending and the beginning of a new race season. You know you need to be posting to update your followers, but what should you say?! Of course, it would be great if we all had a photographer and videographer following us around to show all the hard work, late nights, and countless hours in the freezing cold shop in the dead of winter. But most of the time, we’re just hustling to get the car finished while dreaming of sunshine and the smell of burning rubber, and it’s up to you to take a selfie or have your friend snap a photo of you that may or may not be blurry.

If this is the case for you too, I want to give you 4 easy posts ideas you can use right now to engage with your audience and grow a following! Let me know which one you try out first.

1. Behind the scenes in the shop

Your fans want to know what it actually takes to own and run a race car! They have no idea about the safety items you have to recertify every year, or the upgrades and changes you’re making to gain just a little bit more horsepower. Show them everything, including all of the little things, it’s fascinating to them! You will educate them and you will become their number one resource on social media.

2. 2020 look vs 2021 look

I know you have hundreds of photos of your car from last year that you probably haven’t posted online. Now is the time to dump that content and make room for new files on your computer and phone. If you are getting a new wrap or paint job for the new season, then ask your audience to engage and help decide the final scheme (you can already have the final design done, but it’s always fun to let them in on the process and vote for their favorite). If you’re not, then take note of your favorite photos from last year, and try to recreate them this year, bonus if they were your best performing posts in 2020.

3. Why you race

You’ve probably shared your story online, but how long ago was that? I say it’s best to talk about your beginnings of how you got started racing and why you still race to this day at least once a month. You’re gaining new followers every week and they want to hear your stories of good times, bad times, and lessons learned.

4. Introduce yourself

To go along with #3, introducing yourself at least once a month will always be good content for social media! Do fun riddles or games like two truths and a lie to get more comments and likes, and share something that not many people know about you. Other racers and fans will be drawn to you if they have similar traits or hobbies as you, plus, you could tap into a new market for a potential sponsor.

There you have it friend, circulate these 4 post ideas every month and you’ll have less stress when it comes to worrying about what to post on social media.

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