8 Creative Post Ideas to Introduce the New Race Season

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This year’s race season is right around the corner, or it’s already started for you, and it’s time to get HYPED!! You’ve been filling your social media with moments from last year, your favorite sponsors, and anything else you can think of for the off-season. Now it’s time to get your audience primed and excited for the 2022 racing season that’s coming up. Here are 8 creative post ideas for photos, videos, or captions:

Sneak peeks

Nothing builds hype like some good sneak peeks. What new gear, products, or equipment have you been waiting to unveil? What’s coming up that you’re excited about that you can give just a teaser for? This is a great moment to engage your audience with polls, stickers, and Stories to get them intrigued and sticking around for more.

Upcoming schedule

Share some slides of your upcoming schedule to get your audience excited. You honestly can’t overshare about when and where you’re racing, so make this a regular part of your content plan for the whole 2022 season. 


Remind fans of upcoming races, events, and special appearances with countdowns. People can save and track with your events so that they feel as connected to the moment as you do. Make sure to follow up on social media once the countdown ends and share how it went. Don’t harm the trust you have with your followers by leading them to a dead end.

Behind the Scenes Moments

A behind-the-scenes moment of installing your new parts or suit or wrap is an instant crowd-pleaser. I know I love watching these from my peers! Fans and sponsors really are invested in these details; give them what they want to see!

Testing and Practicing

Get your ride and equipment ready and show it off while you’re breaking it in for this year. On-board videos are an awesome way to show off what you can do!

Preparing/working out

In the same way you’re showing your fans, sponsors, and competition that you’re invested in this season with testing shots, your personal prep is just as important. Film your workouts, share about your fitness plan, or tell a story about how you overcame the physical odds to connect with your fans on a more human level.


It’s always good to re-introduce yourself! Reels and TikToks are a great way to share a bit about yourself and welcome fans new and old. Share the basics but also make it fun by including your personality and notes about your hobbies outside of racing.

Your racing story and history

Your story is what connects people to your racing more than your skill. Take some time to share about what you’ve done, what you love, and where you’re planning to go. Your history and story are just as interesting and important as your latest race stats.


Now that you know what type of content to create and post, your next step is getting likes and comments. If you’re not sure where to start, I’ve created an easy guide for you to get up to speed on social media engagement. Download it below.

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