Don’t Make These 3 Branding Mistakes


Putting a business behind your racing career is a layered and long-term process, but one that is well worth it if you want to be successful in motorsports. You know that sponsors are the key to your career success and that building a well-rounded and attractive brand is what will land you the sponsors of your dreams. Now is a great time to review all of your branding efforts and see what’s working and what’s not helping you or if it’s a waste of your time. 

While you’re at it, check out these top three brand mistakes I see motorsports racers make all the time, and what to do instead to ensure you have a look that stands out from the rest!

Trying to copy what everyone else is doing

Not only are you constantly bombarded with what other racers are doing at the track or at conventions, Instagram, TikTok, and Snapchat have given us too-easy access to everyone else’s looks, messaging, and strategies. While checking in on what others are doing can feel inspirational and even informative, more often than not, I see racers simply copy-and-paste what they see their competitors doing. 

Being trendy might seem like the best tactic to appear modern and appealing to sponsors, but when you’re relying on what the zeitgeist is up to, you never get to stand out. And standing out—standing for something uniquely you with a custom livery design—is what sponsors are really looking for. In an age of saturated Instagram feeds and inboxes, you need to build your brand on something that really resonates and cuts through the noise.

Not being consistent with your visual brand

The point of your visual brand is to create awareness and easy recognition. So when you do nail down the design for your race car, you should keep the same look cohesive with the rest of your racing space. Don’t change up your fonts, your color scheme, or your graphics without any strategy or purpose, you’re ruining all of your brand equity work. Choose a visual brand that really connects to the emotional experience you’re looking to create and then stick to it across all of your assets—Merchandise, uniforms, Instagram, website, business cards, hero cards, even your suit and helmet.

Making your logo the center of your brand.

I hear from racers all the time who really believe that their logo is the center of their branding, and therefore the most valuable thing they have to sell. But getting sponsors is about so much more than just logo visibility these days. Partnering with sponsors is more about audience connection and sales—and those things are the core of your racing brand. Your logo matters (see the above point), but only in so that it connects to the soul and heart of your brand. When you think about selling more than just your name, you know that you’re growing in your brand.

These racing mistakes are easy traps for any team to fall into, but the effects of them are anything but small. When you restrict your brand to just a logo that doesn’t fit the theme of your car and crew, and you blend in with everyone else, you’re really limiting your brand’s potential, and in return, the potential sponsorship income you can bring in.

Partner with me to build a brand that accelerates your career! I offer brand design exclusively to motorsports racers like you. Not ready for a full re-brand? Check out my logo-only package to put your brand in the fast lane for 2023.

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