Drive Your Social Growth with these 4 Content Categories for Racers and Race Teams

Social Media

Part of building a racing career is creating content to stand out. Lots and lots of content. When you’re creating content for Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, LinkedIn, or your emails/blog, it can be easy to fall into a rut. The same kinds of content types with the same kinds of captions can only get you so far. 

Level up your online racing content by diversifying your caption styles. Go beyond the race recaps and highlight videos. These 4 content ideas will help you create social media content that will drive your career forward and get seen by more people online.

Educational Content 

Teaching your audience something might seem out of place for the kind of content creator you are as a racer, but educational content is a great part of a healthy content calendar. As a racer, you’ll need to be creative. Try some of these content types:

  • How to install parts, like a fuel pump
  • Debrief of how you tune for a specific track
  • Describe why you picked that chassis model

Sponsor Promo Content Types

Promoting sponsors is likely one of your primary revenue streams. Create space in your content calendar to shout out your sponsors and follow through on those deliverables. Sponsored content is awesome if you can work it into these other kinds of content, but also make regular posts about your sponsors on and off the track with these ideas:

  • Before and after comparison of using the product
  • Compare it to a competitor’s product
  • Share an honest testimonial

Building Hype Content

You can never promote your races too much. Oftentimes, racers will tell their audience where they are racing next in only one post, but less than 10% of your followers will actually see it. That’s why you should build hype and amp up your fans for your races as much as you can like this:

  • Share your schedule at the beginning of the month
  • Mention a past memory or tell a story specific to that event coming up
  • Tell them where to buy tickets or watch live

Vulnerable Content Types

More than the wins, your audience cares about you most of all. Incorporate content types that come from a storytelling and heart-centered perspective. This is the kind of content where you share about big wins, hard losses, home life, and those other personal content pieces. Try these to start:

  • Your history and why you got started racing
  • A racing memory that stands out (good or bad)
  • A personal struggle or success

These are my 4 go-to content categories that I mix into my posting calendar. But how many should you be using? My suggestion is you need 4-10 different types of content you should be posting every month.

Coming up with 6 more types of content categories isn’t as hard as it seems! I teach you how to easily have all 10 “buckets” and level-up your social media in my 10-part video training course.

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