Creative Ways to Use Instagram Carousel Posts for Racers

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We love talking about the Instagram algorithm here on this blog, and today is no different! Instagram gives you all kinds of content options to choose from — reels, static images, videos, IGTV, and carousel posts. Carousel posts are, in my opinion, an underrated and under-used tool on Instagram for racers. The algorithm loves when users spend time swiping through all of the slides and it really helps boost your digital relationship to those swipers-turned-fans-or-sponsors.

To get your creative juices flowing, here are some creative ways to use Instagram carousel posts.

A collage of latest racing pics

From your latest race, of course you’ve got loads of great shots to share. You want to highlight the car and the track and your huge smile at the end. Posting multiple images in a carousel post is a great way to show a comprehensive look at your latest race. 

One long photo or wrap reveal

If you’ve got some design savvy, you can present your images in one, long, scroll-like post. Totally not necessary, but some fancy design work can help sponsors view you as the professional you are. Read on for some helpful tools at the end. 

Or split up an image that’s a full shot of your car, especially if it’s a dragster, perfect for a wrap reveal like this:

Stats or info presented in a digestible way

Sometimes the coolest things about racing are the smallest details. For posts where you want to share a lot of info about your latest stats or your race schedule, an educational carousel post is the way to go. Swipable slides with information make sharing your posts and understanding the information easy on your fans and sponsors.

Publication or in the press

Use the carousel post to share your latest interview or press coverage. A photo of you holding the publication with some screenshots of the article or re-typed quotes from your interview make for an awesome, swipeable post that shows off your growth.

Sponsor spotlight

Carousel posts are awesome for highlighting sponsors and their products. Start with an image or video of you using the product, followed by some close-ups of the product and where they can buy it. Cap it off with an image or video with the sponsor logo on your car or uniform, and you’ve got some happy customers and sponsors!

Make sure to save these posts for your sponsor presentations!

off season race recap

If it’s that awkward time of the year between seasons where you don’t know what to post about, use this time to refresh your fans’ memories and remind them of your past success and highlights.

Tools to make this easier


This free design tool has an HUGE number of templates and tools to make even the fanciest of graphic designs a snap. 


Want free stock photos that aren’t clip art or meme-able? Unsplash is the place to go. With millions of free, high-quality stock images, you’ll be able to find what you’re looking for to make your carousel slides really pop.

Splice tool

If you’re going the route of one long image cut into individual swipeable slides, this tool is a huge help. Just upload your Canva-created image or photograph, input the number of slides you want, and bam! Individual images for you to upload to Instagram for one cool, professional experience.

What ideas do you have? I love learning about new graphic design trends, let me know your favorites!

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