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An easy-to-follow e-course for racers – designed to help you create a social media presence that will get sponsors racing to you


Are you feeling left behind?

Are you tired of seeing all the high-ticket sponsors accelerate toward other drivers? Even ones that might actually be behind you or next to you on the track?



Here’s a truth you may already know: Earning sponsorships is different today. No more simply writing letters and slapping a sticker to your car. It’s so much more than that. But what exactly are the rules of the game?


What are these unwritten qualities that sponsors are looking for in their drivers? 


Well, I’ll tell you. The secret to more sponsorships (and more income) lies in your online presence. 


Now you tell me – how’s yours looking?

Today’s Drivers Have To Fuel Up With Engaged Followers


If you’re serious about turning racing into a full-time career as either a driver or the owner or manager of a team – social media is an integral place to start.

If you’ve only ever used it for personal use to share a family photo or picture of your dog from time to time, NOW is the time to learn how to use it professionally. 

Maybe you get that social media is important (or your current sponsor has even told you it is!), but you don’t quite know how to make the most of it yet. You’ve tried figuring out social media on your own, but it ended in ho-hum results, dwindling content ideas, and what felt like a lot of wasted time. 

I have good news: If you can engage your ideal followers, you can get a title sponsor. (And it’s a lot easier than you might think!)

Social media is a unique tool with the potential for a lot more income – for only a little more effort.

Once you create a consistent posting strategy and build up your brand presence, you can further the relationship with your current sponsor – while also attracting new ones. 


Yes! Because when you keep your sponsors happy with marketing that makes the sponsorship worthwhile on their end, it just gets better and better for you, too. The continued (or increased!) funding you receive means you’re able to buy better parts, cover travel costs, and eventually even hire a mechanic or truck driver to save you more time. Let’s be honest…racing is an expensive sport!

So if you like what you’re hearing so far, then go ahead and roll on up to the starting line where I’m going to teach you how to:


  • Post content consistently and quickly
  • Keep content relevant and fresh (even during the off season)
  • Promote yourself and your brand (including what “your brand” even is)
  • Build a following that creates exposure for your sponsors
  • Generate engagement from your followers
  • Attract new sponsors 

Whew. That’s a lot to figure out on your own. I’d know, because I’ve done it! And now, I want to offer you a clear path to making these strategies work for you and your career.


Regardless of the current state of your social media profiles or how many wins you do or don’t have on your resume – you can craft a social media content plan that works for you and attracts the followers (and sponsors) you want.


Be the FIRST to be notified once we open up the doors to my signature program, Driven by Social.

Stop wasting time trying to figure social media out by yourself when you can be spending that time in the garage.



An e-course specifically designed for racers who want to build their social media following and accelerate their career. 

Driven by Social includes 8 modules worth of video lessons jam-packed with the teaching and information you need to plan, create, promote, and monetize your social media pages – so you can start attracting those high-ticket sponsorships.

With this course, you’ll learn how to:

  • Up-level your social media marketing
  • Find and attract your current or potential sponsor’s target market
  • Beat the algorithm and get more of your posts seen
  • Plan and create content ahead of time so it doesn’t take over your life
  • Learn what type of content to post (even in the off-season!) 
  • Track analytics
  • Grow your social media following and engagement 
  • Build your brand online and at the track 

While this course was designed with race car drivers and team owners in mind, the information presented is applicable to a wide range of industries.


A winning online presence will keep your sponsors happy even when you’re not winning races.


Hey there, I’m Megan Meyer.

2019 World Champion NHRA Drag Racer, Educator, Graphic Designer, & Social Media Marketing Expert


Before obtaining my NHRA Top Alcohol Dragster license in early 2015, I went to school to study marketing and graphic design because I wanted to bring my best image to the table for my league, for my team, and for my sponsors. 


Since then, I have grown my social media presence on Facebook and Instagram to almost 90,000 followers, which is the largest online following out of all racers in the NHRA Sportsman class league. As a direct result of my social media presence, I have made thousands in online merchandise sales, earned multiple 6-figure sponsorships, and (perhaps most importantly) gotten better parts for my car every year with help from my sponsors.


As sponsors began approaching me to tell me how much they wished I could teach their drivers how to use social media, I decided to create a course to make social media accessible for other racers like me. Although I’ve personally chosen to retire as a driver at the end of the 2020 season, I care about your success as a racer, and social media is hands-down the most fun, easy, (and free!) way I know to help you make more money.

I’d love to see you inside Driven by Social where I’ll be with you for every pass.

Easy-to-Follow Content Designed Specifically for Sportsman Class Drivers

- and anyone who wants to grow and strengthen their social media presence.

This course is the complete 8-step process you need to plan, create, and promote your social media profiles in a way that will attract a following in your sponsor’s target market.



  • One time enrollment cost with lifetime access
  • Access to future updates and course additions 
  • 24/7 private support via email
  • 8 modules with in-depth video training
  • Interactive & print workbook to follow along
  • Shareable planning spreadsheets




  • 50 Ready-to-Go Hashtags 
  • A Guide to Calculate Return-On-Investment (ROI) 
  • My Complete Social Media Content Calendar System


Social Media Foundational Knowledge

Goal Setting + Action Steps

Brand Archetypes + Ideal Followers

Complete Content Creation

Taking Your Own Photos and Videos

Media Copyright + Legalities

Engagement + Algorithm Tips

Tools to Track Analytics + ROI

This course is valued at OVER $597 ‒ 

but it’s being made available to you for only $197!




Whether you prefer an interactive workbook or you’d rather print it, both are available for your use and can be found in this module. 




In this module, you’ll learn how to set up your pages for success and why you even need a personal brand in the first place.

  • The elements of the perfect bio
  • The right type of page to create
  • How to use your settings
  • How to use Stories and Highlights
  • Social media Dos and Don’ts
  • NHRA’s social media rules




Get ready to get into goal-setting followed by taking action. This module includes:

  • SWOT analysis
  • How to calculate your ROI (Return on Investment) 
  • Which KPIs (key performance indicators) to use for evaluation
  • How to perform market research




This module helps you figure out who your ideal followers are, what attracts them, and how to choose the right platform.

  • Identifying ideal followers
  • The 12 brand archetypes
  • Platform distinctions



As you create content, you’ll get some wins and some losses, but in social media, as in racing, the name of the game is consistency. With my exact content creation plan and calendar, you’ll create a plan that will help you to be consistent and win at social media. 

  • Choosing the right content
  • Elements of good captions
  • How to reach your target audience
  • How to get content ideas
  • Instagram images
  • Time management content grid
  • Google Sheets Social Media Calendar *BONUS




You’ll learn how to edit your photos and videos as well as how to legally get and use photos from track photographers.

  • Filming and editing for YouTube (and other platforms)
  • How to take and edit photos with your cell phone
  • Photography permissions
  • Getting photos from track photographers
  • How to work with photographers




It’s time to grow engagement and get more followers by understanding how the algorithm works.

  • My top 10 tricks for increasing engagement
  • PDF of 50 ready-to-use hashtags *BONUS
  • Secrets to Instagram Stories, Facebook Live, and IGTV
  • Beating the Instagram Algorithm
  • Instagram REELS




Learn how to measure your post’s performance and what the numbers mean in terms of ROI.

  • Calculating ROI
  • Increasing ROI
  • Analytics Tracker *BONUS

Not to mention these exclusive bonuses…


My social media content calendar system *not seen anywhere else* so you can easily plan a month’s worth of posts in 1 day


50 racing hashtags ready for you to copy + paste into your next post, plus additional hashtag strategies


Social media insights tracker for each month to measure growth rate, click-through rate, and ROI

Your online presence is as essential to your success in racing as purchasing a quality carburetor.

What People are Saying

Racers across the world have used Driven By Social to promote themselves, build a faithful fan base, and attract new sponsors.

Driven By Social will help you to find your direction. 


“Before enrolling in Driven by Social, I was posting on a whim or staring at a computer or my phone and wondering what I should post (because I knew I needed to post more often- but what??). The content creator calendar really helps the planning process. I know my posts on actual race days will vary some according to whether I’m winning or losing, but throughout the week I will have planned posts with captions made to generate interest. I would recommend this course to anyone/team who wants to use their profiles professionally to attract potential sponsors or learn how to engage their followers. The information is laid out in an easy to understand way, and Megan is super friendly and knowledgeable.”

- Jessica Hicks

Driven By Social makes social media marketing easy through a straightforward process.


“Megan Meyer has nailed it!  Racers need to learn to use social media now more than ever. Her course makes the process simple and straightforward for every racer. To have the best race team, you need to have a top professional in each area whether it’s a mechanic, shock expert, or a social media expert. Megan is a winner both on and off the track. I’d highly recommend her social media course.”

- Kate Dillon

Driven by Social helps you find your value and teaches you how to communicate it to sponsors. 


Before taking the Driven by Social course, I had trouble coming up with enough content to post regularly (especially during the offseason and during the pandemic when we could not go racing.) Since joining, I’ve started gathering photos and asking others to take photos of me so I can use them later when I need content ideas. I’m also starting to use Instagram stories (with engaging features like polls) more. Now that I’m putting more thought and effort into the photos and captions I’m sharing, I’ve started to see an increase in followers every day on Facebook and Instagram. I also found out the ride-along videos get the most impressions and engagement on both platforms, so I am going to focus on getting more of those this season. The info you get in the Driven by Social course will help you figure out your brand’s value on social media and learning how to show real data to sponsors will increase the likelihood of them coming on board with you. If you’re on the fence, all you need to do is get one sponsor and this course will have paid for itself!

- Afton Swanson

Driven by Social will give you the boost of confidence you need to get out of your comfort zone. 


I had difficulty gaining followers and being consistent with posting on social media.  I always wanted to post, but I would get scared of maybe not posting the right pictures or saying the right thing to attract followers. Thanks to Megan urging me to get out of my comfort zone, I now feel more confident and I overthink less. I loved all of the modules and bonuses, and it was all so interesting, informative and personal that I felt like she was talking directly to me. I have learned so much and I appreciated the way Megan shared her own experiences on social media. I actually can’t wait to watch and listen to the course again over and over. I love the printable workbook also, because I like the idea of writing, taking notes, and putting ideas on paper.  If you’re unsure about joining, do it!!

- Angel Gaulden

Ready to generate more income by posting about your life on and off the track?

This course has everything you need to start using social media marketing to reach potential sponsors.


(The Complete e-Course)

$597  $197



How about a 100% money-back guarantee?

Look, I believe in the huge impact that social media marketing can have on your overall income. In fact, I believe in it so much that if you complete the course, do the work, and fail to see those impacts yourself, you can receive a full refund as long as you show proof that you did the work.

What’s keeping you from accelerating forward?


“I don’t want to be a social media influencer. I just want to race.”

Listen. As a fellow driver, I get that. We do it for competitiveness, the adrenaline rush, and the fun. We do it for the family-like bonds we create at the track.  

But all of that is fueled by sponsorships. 

And when placed side-by-side with another driver that performs the same on the track as you (but with a greater online presence), brands will choose to sponsor that other driver. Every. Time. 


“I don’t have time for all of the photo taking, video recording, and responding to comments this will take.”

This program includes a full content calendar designed to make social media a minimal time commitment so you stay that much more focused on everything else that’s important to you.  

I understand that you may be using your vacation days to travel to races in your region or spending your evenings and weekends working on your car. I get that you’re tired of working all the time to make money for parts and to travel to races.

But what if the sponsorships you gain from social media meant you could work fewer hours? Or make racing your full-time career? 


“I’m not exactly a “selfie” kind of person and I hate being on video.”

Being camera shy is normal – and okay! But you do need to learn a few things and get comfortable through practice if you want to make this work for you. This course will teach you how to get professional photographs, go live on video (while still feeling authentic to you), and give interviews to the media, so you don’t freeze up when they come to you! It’s not about being perfect or becoming an online celebrity overnight. It’s about being you and creating a platform that helps you to create a life you love. 


“I’m super busy. Do I really have time to work through a course right now?”

Then I’ll keep this answer short & sweet. The average student completes the Driven by Social course in less than 8 days.



Starting today you can get on the right track toward growing your social media following and getting the attention of sponsors. Allow me to help you create a career that makes your racing passion possible.


(The Complete e-Course)

$597  $197

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