Fueled and Funded:
Group Coaching for Racers


a 10-week program for serious racers - so you can get the sponsorships you need to become a full-time driver.

become a full-time racer

Learn how to get the 4-to-5-figure sponsorships you need for racing success in 2021. 

Does obtaining 5-figure sponsorships seem out of reach? You can absolutely do it with the help of the only program aimed at helping racers get the funding they need to turn their passion into a career. 

This is your chance to gain access into the only program for racers that will help you:

get funding for more than your personal expenses.

take the next step in gaining sponsorships

land a title sponsor for more visibility and funding

buy better parts to just keep going faster

Yes! In just 10 weeks, you can be on your way to becoming a full-time driver.

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Fueled and Funded

become a full-time racer

An 8-week group coaching program specifically designed for serious racers who want to become career drivers in 2021

find + approach companies within your niche
use Linkedin to your advantage
craft a proposal package
build a contract
write a fulfillment report

Fueled and Funded is the only group coaching program for drag racers that includes weekly calls, downloadable templates, and real-life application steps- so you can find the sponsors you need to start racing full-time.

Each week, join your coach and 50 other racers for a live workshop style call via Zoom. The program is designed to tackle a new subject each week for 10 weeks so that you walk away knowing everything you need to know from your first contact with a sponsor to submitting your fulfillment report to them.

When you join, you’ll gain instant access to everything inside the course - including the schedule, your registration link for the first call, and course materials. By the end of the 10 weeks, you’ll have learned everything you need to know to make (and keep) companies happy to sponsor you, including how to:

how to find your niche
the difference between a marketing deck AND
Sponsorship proposal
mythbusting the old way of doing things
how sponsor expectations of racers have changed 
the tangible and intangible elements you offer 

Before obtaining my NHRA Top Alcohol Dragster license in early 2015, I went to school to study marketing. While I became a 2x World Champion, it is to these studies that I credit my success. They helped me land the sponsorships necessary for success.

In my career as a racer, I have earned multiple 6-figure sponsorships, and (perhaps most importantly) gotten better parts for my car every year with help from my sponsors that help me drive faster and win more races. 

Now I’m taking what I know and giving back by coaching others. I’m doing it because there is nothing else out there like this for drag racing, and because I believe there definitely needs to be. In the end, we all succeed together. 


Hey there, I’m Megan Meyer-Lingner

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This program provides the access you need to a marketing coach + professional racer who has done what you want to do. 

Group Coaching Designed Specifically for Racers Wanting to Go Full-Time



downloadable worksheets

Membership to the private Facebook Group

Access to Megan for 10 weeks

my proposal package template

Linkedin swipe files

pro feedback on your marketing deck.

Getting those 4-to-5-figure sponsorships is now within reach. 

This course is valued at OVER $800 ‒ 
but it’s being made available to you for only $595!

(OR 4 easy monthly payments of just $149.25!)


After this call you’ll have the knowledge and skills you need to set up and create your marketing deck. We’re going to do some mythbusting this week and talk about why the old way of doing things doesn’t work anymore, and what potential sponsors expect from you instead.  

Week #4: Marketing Deck

It’s time to set up your LinkedIn profile. We’ll cover everything you need to include and why you need to. Then you’ll get some swipe messages you can use to start making connections and posting on the platform more frequently. 

Week #3: LinkedIn

This week we’ll look at audience data, demographics, and you’ll learn how to find your niche. Then you’ll learn how to find companies that fit within that niche and exactly how to approach them.

Week #2: Niche

Time to get everyone on this same page. In this call, we’ll start adopting an abundance mindset. We’ll tackle the money beliefs that may be holding you back, so that you can move forward without limits. 

Week #1: Mindset

What   to except :

 10 weeks . 10 live calls. 1 hour each call. 


First impressions with a potential sponsor can be very intimidating, but I’m going to help you break down any fears you have. This week we’ll go over what to ask and what to not say during your first meeting.

Week #5: The First Meeting

In this call, we’ll talk about your offer and your assets ‒ both tangible and intangible. I’ll show you how to find out what the sponsor needs and how you can meet that need. You’ll learn how to make your offer completely customizable so that sponsors walk away happy. 

Week #6: Offer and Assets

It’s time to develop your proposal package ‒ which is not just a PowerPoint that you send out. This week you’ll receive a templated proposal that I have used for my proposal packages. This way you’ll know what your professional proposal package should and shouldn’t look like. 

Week #7: The Proposal

Before we cross the finish line, we’ll use this week to share and evaluate your marketing deck and answer any burning questions you have.

Week #8: Peer Review

Let’s build that contract! You’re going to get all kinds of tips, including the terms, deliverables, funding, without getting bogged down in the legalese.

Week #9: Contract

My favorite: the fulfillment report. This is where you show your sponsors why they made the right choice. I’ll show you how to explain what you did for them, provide proof, and open the door for renewals.

Week #10: Fulfillment Report

And don’t forget your exclusive added support:

Oh, and about that homework...

Get feedback from Megan on your marketing deck before you send it out. 

Reach Megan anytime via email.

Membership to the Fueled and Funded Facebook Group

In between calls, there will be homework assignments where you begin implementing and following the recommendations so that by the end of the 8 weeks, you should already be experiencing real change.

Here’s your sneak peek at some of your homework assignments…

Update your LinkedIn profile using the tips and guidelines from the call. 

Build relationships and learn expectations by making contacts with past and current sponsors using the latest lesson from the call as your guide.. 

Following Megan’s advice, determine the value for appearing in ads, articles, and TV by reaching out to your local media. 




wanting to buy better parts to just keep going faster

needing a title sponsor for more visibility and funding

looking for the next step in sponsorships

ready to get funding beyond your own personal expenses.

serious about becoming a full-time racer

Fueled and Funded is Perfect For You If You Are...


By the end of the 10 weeks, you’ll have learned everything you need to know to make (and keep) companies happy to sponsor you.

Fueled and Funded will change your outlook on money. 

What clients are saying:

Racers have used Fueled and Funded to improve their confidence, find answers to their questions, and give them the skills they need to approach sponsors. 

“This program made me look at money differently, in general and for my racing team as well. I love everything I learned and I can not wait to put it all together! I now feel confident in my ability to find sponsorships and to become a brand ambassador. Before, I was struggling with how to ask for help, where, who, when - all the questions! I knew it could be done. Others were getting sponsors, but I just didn't know how to go about asking. I was trying to finance it all on my own, but I am so thankful for this program. I now have the knowledge I need and I am doing the work to get sponsored for next racing season. Thank you over and over again, Megan!"


Fueled and Funded will give you the boost of confidence you need. 

“I really think you provided more than just a sponsorship program - it was a coaching program. Before taking part in the program, I struggled with knowing how to approach potential sponsors and what to tell them. I worried about getting a 'no'. But Fueled and Funded really shifted our mindset. The advice you gave concerning having a niche within the racing community really helped with reducing our struggles with comparison and improving our confidence. I feel that I will be able to take what I've learnt and be more confident in approaching sponsors and getting feedback.”


Fueled and Funded will will teach you how to land sponsorships. 

“Your social media tips helped me to obtain more followers and get more views, likes, and shares on what I post. Before I struggled with knowing how to approach sponsorship in a general sense. I just had no idea how to proceed and how to find sponsors. Now I feel much more optimistic in my ability to land sponsorships.”



How about a 100% money-back guarantee?

Look, I believe in this program’s potential to turn your career around. In fact, I believe in it so much that if you complete the program, do the work, and fail to see results in 30 days after completion, you can receive a full refund as long as you show proof of work.

What’s keeping you from joining?

“It seems like too much money for... a phone call.”

These are more than check-in phone calls. These are carefully designed workshops supported by templates, materials, and lessons that it has taken years to develop. As a marketing coach for racers, a 1:1 coaching call with me is usually $100. In this program, you receive 8, (+templates and materials) making it the best and most affordable way to learn from me. Besides, if you gain just one 4-figure sponsorship from putting this program into practice, you have earned back your entire investment. Now doesn’t that seem worth it?

“I don’t think I can commit to being on the call every Saturday morning.”

I get it. You never know when you might have to be absent. For that reason, all calls are recorded and scripted. If (for whatever reason) you can’t participate live, all recorded videos, extra notes, scripts, and materials will be uploaded and available to you at your convenience. 

“I don’t have a camera on my computer.” OR “I’m camera-shy.”

No camera required. Choosing to come on camera or simply typing your questions into the chat is left up to you! Either way, you’re welcome to participate. 

Designed to help you stop chasing after sponsors and instead create a social media presence that will get them racing to you.

Created by social media marketing pro, Megan Meyers, you’ll learn the complete 8-step process you need to craft a social media content plan that works for you AND attracts a following in your sponsor’s (or potential sponsor’s) target market. 

It’s the perfect precursor to Fueled & Funded so you can step in and hit the track racing after your goals. For a limited period of time, you can get both programs at a bundled discount. Ready, set, GO.


Driven by Social: An Easy-to-Follow
E-Course For Racers


Fueled & Funded

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10 Weeks of Live Calls

Access to Megan via Email

Pro Feedback On Marketing Deck

Facebook Group Membership

Templates + Homework

Linkedin Swipe Files