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It’s time. Your personal profile? You’ve outgrown it! If you’re ready to take your racing career and use social media to take you to the next level, you’ve got to get rid of that personal profile. It’s time to upgrade to a Creator Account on Instagram. In this post, I’ll tell you why that’s so important (like so important) and walk you through how to do it.

Seriously, in my course Driven by Social, the very first thing I have students do is to set up a Creator Profile and kiss their personal profile goodbye. Let’s level up!

Instagram Creator Profile: The How

At the time of this blog post to set up a Creator profile on IG first go to settings > account > scroll to the bottom and tap on switch account type > switch to Creator profile. If it says switch to personal or business then you know you already have the Creator version. 

No More Personal Profile: The Why

Here’s the why. Your Instagram is your public presence to connect with sponsors and fans. You want to start making money from your racing career? You’ve got to treat it like a business. Instagram has made “influencing” a viable financial option, and you as a racer can take advantage of their Creator tools to boost your reach, engagement, and more.

The two big things you’ll have access to are Insights and complete Reel creativity. Insights are vital to understanding your audience and the kinds of content that is (or isn’t) connecting with them. Check out these articles I’ve shared about how to hack your insights.

Reels, as I’m sure you know, are the “it” tool right now. Instagram is pushing Reel content far and wide, and you want to ride that train. Check out this article on how to easily create and share Reels for growth and engagement. Having a Creator account will give you tools (like music) that personal and business accounts just don’t have access to.

Saying goodbye to your personal account can be tough, all growth is! Give it a final look as you step into this next phase of your career journey.

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