Your Instagram Bio is the Social Media Search Key You’re Missing

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When it comes to getting discovered on social media by new followers and fans, every piece of content counts—including your Instagram bio. Your bio is that space right under your name and stats where you have 150 characters to tell new people who you are and how they can get involved with your race team. 

On Instagram, your bio is the most searchable part of your profile. Meaning that when someone searches for keywords in your brand like “racing driver”, “fitness lifestyle”, or “dog lover”, you want to be found for those things and attract audiences that fit in your target market.

While it may seem like a small thing, maximizing your Instagram bio will boost your searchability, help people know in record time what you’re about, and overall increase your likelihood of partnering with dream sponsors.

Add Your Title to Your Name

In addition to having your name in the “name” section, add what it is specifically that you do in addition to racing. My bio, for example, is: “​​MOTORSPORTS MARKETING & BRANDING | Megan”. Right away (and through search), people know who I am and how I can help them. Add yours! “NHRA Drag Racer 🏆 John Smith” or “Sarah | Pro Racecar Driver 🔥”. Want extra pizazz? Add an emoji and it will help people make an immediate connection.

Write Your Instagram Bio with Your Brand in Mind

When you’re writing your entire Instagram bio, you want to keep your brand in mind. Keep your bio up to date with the keywords that if people searched them, you’d want to pop up on top for. Beyond brand keywords, your brand—just like you—has a personality that should shine through in your bio. If your brand personality is casual and fun, don’t write a bio that’s stilted and cold.

Explain What You Do

Your bio should ultimately tell people what you do. What can they expect to see on your page? What are the few things you want to be known for? Titles you’ve won, a lifestyle you promote, when your next race is, and of course, what series you compete in. Keep it short (150 characters, obviously), but use every last one of them! 

Link Your Instagram Bio

If you have an action you want people to take, especially if it’s time-sensitive like getting tickets to your next race or voting for you in a poll, add that CTA or call to action to your Instagram bio, too. So something like “👇 vote for me here” or “watch my latest YouTube vlog 👇”. 

Finally, you want to have a working link in your bio for people to click on. Change it out for whatever is most relevant — ticket website, your personal website or vlog, your newsletter link—or use a multi-link page like Linktree or Linkin Bio to keep all your links in one place.


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