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You’ve got the pictures and videos from the track, you’ve got the captions written, and you’ve got a plan on when you’re posting on your social media pages…but here you are, sitting in front of your account with no comments and a handful of likes (just from your team and family). Coming up with content to write about, take pictures of, and share can be the toughest part of the business of racing sometimes, and after all that hard work with little to no views or engagement can be a real bummer.

So many racers and companies have asked me about how to grow their engagement on social media and I’ve seen so many make the mistake of ghosting after posting because they don’t think anybody sees their posts (the algorithm hates them) or not posting consistently because they don’t have time to post every day, which ultimately hurts their engagement. And that’s just backward.

So I put together a free guide on how to post daily content that helps racers get high engagement on social media every time you post!

How to use this daily engagement plan for the next month:

Use this guide to get the impressions and engagement from your target market on Instagram by posting five times a week and implement the five methodologies each day. Want to post more than five times a week? GREAT! Repeat or mix up the methodologies for the extra days you’re posting to get an even bigger boost of attraction.

These are not just methods that I made up on a whim. I use these proven, daily strategies for myself and my social media clients to build momentum on Instagram.

While this plan works the best on Instagram, feel free to use the same steps on your other social media platforms. For example, you don’t need to share more than a few hashtags on Facebook or LinkedIn, so instead interact inside Facebook or LinkedIn groups with your business page (not your personal one) to grow exposure.

You wouldn’t be here if you didn’t know that social media is important to building the racing career you want. But making an impact among the noise of Instagram feels like an impossible task — I’ve been there. But I’ve learned the ins and outs of the social-media-for-racers game and I’m here to share my best tips with you in DRIVEN BY SOCIAL E-COURSE, my social media training created exclusively for racers, like you. You can use Instagram to launch your racing career into the next level, all without losing your mind (or all your time) in the process. Get on the waitlist now and get early access plus save 10%! It opens at the end of July, so get on this list today.

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