The Difference Between Marketing Decks and Sponsorship Proposals



If you clicked on this article because you went, “Um, I didn’t think there was a difference?!” then you are in great company! When you’re new to sponsorships, it can be easy to confuse a marketing deck and a sponsorship proposal or to just think they’re the same thing. 

I’m going to break down how they’re different and also bring you in on how they work together because you need both to get the sponsors you need to make the next move in your racing career. 

Plus, I’ve got some bonus resources to make this pitching and sponsorship process so much easier. Let’s go!

What is a Marketing Deck?

A marketing deck is a visual presentation of your race team and what you can offer to a specific industry or company. This means your first action step is to do your heckin’ research! Look them up online, dive deep into their website and Instagram, even meet with them before you ever bring a pitch out. Knowing what they struggle with and how YOU can help is so important to you presenting just the right information in your marketing deck. 

Here’s the real key: This marketing deck isn’t about you, it’s about them. You’re the solution to their problems — pitch yourself that way, rather than presenting your favorite things about yourself and some special award you got hoping they bite. This deck can help spark conversations that eventually lead to a sponsorship proposal. 

Some questions to ask:

  • What’s their target market?
  • What are their ROI goals?
  • What new products/services are they looking to promote?
  • How has their experience with other race teams been like?

Your marketing deck should include lots of pictures — bonus if it includes links to your best social media posts and YouTube videos — that show your team’s branding and vibe to match theirs. Your deck should also highlight case studies and testimonials from other sponsors you’ve worked with, if you’ve got them. 

How Should the Meeting Go?

When you’re in a pitch meeting, be prepared to speak about costs and investments, but only if they ask for more information. Remember that this meeting is more of an initial conversation to get acquainted, not a full on sponsorship negotiation, yet. 

What Next?

After you present your deck, it might be a “no” from both or one of you. That’s tough, especially if you were all in, but don’t push them right now on it. A “no” might just mean “not right now,” so make sure to follow up and keep a relationship with that person for down the road.

If they are interested, hooray! They’ll be clear about wanting to work together and they will want to set up another meeting to discuss your assets and nail down exactly what you will provide for them and for how much. That leads us to the Sponsorship Proposal.

What is a Sponsorship Proposal? 

This is the part where you present an actual proposal — a business plan, no pictures or flair needed. Inside the proposal, you’ll need to include the exact information on what you plan to do for them. 

For social media, your sponsorship proposal answers these questions:

  • How many social media posts? (Weekly, monthly, or annually)
  • When will they be? Before, during, or after a race?
  • What product(s) will you promote?
  • How will you tag them?
  • How, and when, will you share photos and videos to them for them to share?

If you agreed to have signage on the race car, truck, trailer, merch, uniforms, golf cart, tool boxes, etc., you’ll need to list out exact sizing and placement. The same goes for any promotional items you’ll be using like banners, flags, product samples, goodie bags, hero cards, etc. 

I made a sponsorship proposal template for you to swipe >>> Grab it here! Inside the proposal, you’ll include prices and deliverables, but be prepared to negotiate some items. Once you’ve both agreed, you’ll write up and sign contracts and get to work!

Now you know the difference between a marketing deck and a sponsorship proposal and how important both are to your racing career and staying funded. I’ve got a few resources to get you moving in the right direction!

First, I’ve got a whole, 9-week coaching program called FUELED AND FUNDED that goes over this exact process in easy-to-follow detail. The doors open next September, so head to the waitlist to pre-register and get a personalized discount code.

Finally, if you’re looking for a marketing deck resource, I’ve got you covered! Download my free template and guide here.

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