3 Motorsports Sponsor Tips that Make a Major ROI Difference


You already know how competitive the motorsports racing industry is, I don’t have to tell you again. You know how tough it can be to find the right sponsor, let alone secure a deal with them that you can be proud of. Marketing can feel like a complicated business, especially when all you want to do is get out there and race.

I’ve been there. I’ve found some tips that really work (and tried some stuff that really flopped). I want to share my top 3 marketing tips that are simple but can lead to some big results.

Be professional

How you present yourself really matters. When you’re meeting with sponsors, you want to create a seamless and impressive experience for them all the way through. That means looking the part and investing in some business attire that proves you’re prepared to meet them where they’re at. It also means making sure your presentations are grammatically correct and as professional as they are stylish. Being on time, sending thank you notes, and treating everyone with respect are “musts” if you’re hoping to play in the big leagues of business.

Be gracious

Your respect and disposition go a long way in this industry. You can expect to be rejected more times than you’re accepted—that’s just how it goes! Learning to be gracious with sponsors when they say “no” and maintaining a positive relationship with them could be what defines your character and your future with other possible sponsors. Keep it kind, always be gracious, and don’t give up (more on that next).

Be persistent

 Those big sponsors you dream of? You can absolutely work with them. Persistence is key! Remember to be professional and gracious first and foremost, keep yourself top of mind to the sponsors you most want to work with. Maintain regular touchpoints with those connections and keep up the positive relationships you’ve worked so hard to foster. If the quality of your work on and off the track is great, and you keep yourself as a key player in their minds (and email inboxes, and on regular lunch meetings), your hard work will eventually pay off!

What else do you need help with navigating? I’d love to write a post just for your needs!

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