My 2022 Reflection and 2023 Goals


I can’t believe 2022 is over already! I’m thinking back about all the new adventures it brought. In this post earlier this year, I shared my resolutions for 2022:

  • Do my very best but still go easy on myself if I don’t succeed
  • Systematize my business to run on all 8 cylinders
  • Participate in the 1,000 hour outside challenge with Henry
  • Get back into racing!
  • Continue to follow my nutrition regimen + workout plan to become stronger than I was before I got pregnant
  • Try a new hobby!
  • Make it to 1 year of breastfeeding Henry
  • Read a business/marketing/personal development book each month

I’m happy to say I accomplished 80% of these goals without purposefully following them. 

As you all know, I started racing karts last year just for fun and wow— it is tough!! There’s very little skill overlap between drag racing and karting. The hardest part for me is keeping speed into corners and accelerating out of them, and not spinning out or crashing into someone else. Karting is very humbling and it’s a great challenge to keep me pushing to get better.

Also, I got back into drag racing for the Nitro Chaos race held at my home track for their 60th anniversary! The results absolutely blew me away, but at the same time, I didn’t expect anything less TBH. I didn’t plan to race until two months before when my dad came to me with the opportunity to drive, but I still had to find some funding and get a sponsorship to make it happen. Thankfully NGK Spark Plugs returned to do a one-race partnership with Shop Squad and I did a community display the day before the race to introduce it to the public with our paper dragsters.

As far as 2023 goals go, I do plan on continuing with the Nitro Chaos series for their four races and I am currently in the process of finalizing sponsorship funds for those events! 

Outside of racing, Adam and I focused 100% on our jobs and plan to start a new company together next year if all of the pieces come together. This is our retirement plan and we need to start working on it now rather than later. 

2022 was very successful in business bringing on new clients and going deeper with existing race teams, and it has me thinking about what I want my business load to look like next year….

I was presented with an opportunity at the PRI Show that I can’t miss. If I take that on, I will need to cut back on social media management, graphic design, and education for racers. It’s so meaningful how much of an impact my work has on racers, teams, tracks, and series. I absolutely love helping them out, I just wish I had more time in the day to do it all! So I’m open to bringing on more team members and teaching them the ropes to free myself up so I can still onboard clients and help out the racing community.

My 2023 goals will pretty much be the same as they were for this year:

  • There are still quite a few books that I have yet to open
  • I am continuing my journey with breastfeeding Henry and plan to make it to 2 years now
  • Try out something creative and see if I love it!
  • I started a strict workout plan right after Thanksgiving that I will follow for the next few months to build muscle then will do a cut in the spring before my big 30th birthday
  • I didn’t count the hours we were outside with Henry but I’m confident we reached the 1,000 goal since we love to be outside anytime we can!
  • I might be shifting my focus on my business as I stated earlier.

And, as always:

  • Do my very best but still go easy on myself if I don’t succeed.

Wishing everyone a safe and happy holiday season, and best of luck on the track in 2023!

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