Debate: Should You Combine Your Personal and Business Content?

Social Media

Social media is such a powerhouse when it comes to marketing. It’s meaningful both for your business as a racer and for your personal life in staying connected to friends and family. However, with so much of our world existing online these days, the question can come up:

“Should I combine my personal and racing pages?”

My short answer? Nope.

My long answer? No way, and here are my reasons why.

Analytics matter for your business

On a practical note, a business page for most social media platforms gives you access to insights and analytics that are key to refining your business efforts online. If you’re currently using your personal page or profile to do most of your motorsports racing marketing, I’d encourage you to set up a business page or creator profile that’s totally separate. 

Show your personality in your content

When you have two separate pages, you don’t have to totally sacrifice your likes and personality from your business page! Your sponsors and fans really want to know you as a person, so include some intentional and relatable personal content on your business page, just don’t turn it into your diary. On the other hand, what you don’t want is only posting pictures and videos of your race car without you in it. Keep it a 50/50 mix of posts about you and posts about your racing career on your business page.

Keep your niche and your audience focused

Separating your personal and business content into two different pages allows you the freedom to really connect with one audience at a time. Your racing fans and sponsors want to know you like we just talked about, but not to the depth that your friends and family are hoping to keep up with your personal life. For example, you don’t have to post about your friend’s birthday on your business page, especially if they aren’t a key player in your industry. Your fans won’t know who they are and probably don’t care. Likewise, your high school friends might not be interested in your sponsorship product as much as your fans will!

I have personal Facebook and Instagram profiles, but I hardly use them, to be honest. I focus most of my time on growing my business pages because those are the ones that bring me money. If I have a certain milestone about Henry that I want to share or our anniversary, then I’ll post it onto my personal pages for my close friends and family to see they would actually care. And, I also like that Facebook memories remind me of these moments a year or a few years later so that I can go back and look at how much we’ve changed. The platforms don’t do that with your business pages though. So, keep your personal posts on your personal pages, and business posts on your business pages.

Let’s keep the debate going – do you think these pages should be separate or combined?

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