How to Use Your Personality to Build Your Racing Social Media

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Sharing your unique personality and racing stories online is essential because you need to stand out to separate yourself from the rest. It’s not high school anymore: We don’t want to fit in, we want to stand out!

Not sure how you can do that with your content while jumping on social media trends? Let me give you a few pointers on making content your own!

Tell your story of how you got started

Everyone loves an origin story. Creating an emotional response (and being relatable to fans) means you’ll have to share where you come from. That humanizes you and makes you relatable. Share what is part of your identity and people will remember it the next time they see you at the track.

Write content with personality 

And I don’t only mean captions! When you’re recording reels and adding text – make sure you use words you’d use in real life. This will help your videos stay on brand. This can be tough, so here’s a pro tip: Use talk-to-text to make sure that you’re writing how you actually speak!

Focus on what you like

Even if it’s not motorsports-related! I remind you of this all the time: You are a whole person who is talking to other complete people online. Your passion for other things in addition to your motorsports will help build a stronger connection with your fans and sponsors.

And use these ideas to jump on trends:

Do you enjoy nutrition? Use a trending audio to prepare a cool recipe or protein shake! 

Are you a fitness junkie? Share a timelapse of your workout routine or how you train for your races! 

Are you an artist or like to make crafts? Use a “how it started vs. how it’s going” trend to share your creation process.

Are you a new mom like me? Share about your family or kids using silly, romantic, or nostalgic trending audios.

Basically, think of the things you can talk about for hours (and that you feel identify with you) and use them to create content. A great balance would be to share 75% of your content in your motorsports niche and 25% in the personality content arena. If you’re stuck on how to share about racing in new and fresh ways, I’ve got you covered!

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