5 Click-Worthy Instagram Reels That Are So Easy to Make

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Instagram Reels are still a super powerful way to grow your audience, connect with more fans, and show off your personality in a creative and fun way. Now, I know what you’re thinking:

“I don’t know what to post!”

 “I’m not creative!” 

“I don’t want to dance or talk to the camera!”

And I was totally there, too. I didn’t want to look silly and I was totally paralyzed by all the different audios and dances and trends. But like all marketing and social media tools out there, Reels are what you make of them. When you combine your passion and personality with this tool, I promise: Magic will happen (no dancing required if you’re not into it).

Here are 5 click-worthy yet easy Instagram reel ideas for motorsports. They’re simple and powerful, and you can record them the next time you’re at the track. They require little to no editing!  Just set up your phone on a tripod or install a GoPro mount inside your car, the point is to show you on camera while in action.

1. An *iconic* warm-up

So simple yet so powerful. Turn the volume up before you watch this video! And the next time you’re ready to warm up your car, set your phone on a stand and hit record to have your next viral video online.

2. Emotions always win (even when you don’t)

We racers have such strong emotions. Check out this reel from Lindsay who shows us that you don’t always have to post the highlights online. It’s okay to be real and show when you fail—it only makes the wins that much sweeter! And your fans will cheer you on even more when you do win!

3. Draw Them In

As a motorsports racer or enthusiast, I’m sure if you see the title: “Take a drive… 7.086 at 193.07 mph” you’re going to watch the video! Putting yourself in your fans’ shoes is the best way to draw them in to make sure you create click-worthy content. Watch the video here.

4. A different point of view

A simple idea of a different point of view paired with really good audio can go a long way. Click here to see what I’m talking about from Julie.

5. Time-lapse Assembly

A simple time-lapse of you or your crew working in the garage can make such a cool reel! Add a trending audio and you’re ready to go – click here for inspiration!

Ready to take it to the next level with your racing Reels? Check out this article for more advanced Reels to try out.

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