11 Racing Reels to Spark Your Creativity

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Instagram is still loving reels! The short video format is still the most popular (and most rewarded) way to grow your audience. And while a scroll through Instagram or TikTok might make you feel like creating reels is an overwhelming task, I’m here to show you how easy and simple it can be! You don’t need to recreate the wheel; in fact, your odds of growth are best when you use a sound or style for inspiration for your own reels. Here are 11 of my favorite reels to get you started.

1. POV: You Drive a Racecar

Have on-board footage that you haven’t shared yet, or that got a lot of likes in the past? Reshare or post it with this caption: POV: you drive a race car. It’s an easy way to grab attention and have something to post about during the off-season! See our example here.

2. The Sponsor Share

It’s always important to share how you use your sponsor’s products; check out this oil change Reel video from Martino Motorsports.

3. Behind-the-Scenes

Show what happens behind the scenes by recording a short video of you working in the shop and creating a Reel with it. Here’s an example.

4. An Off-Season Moment

Give your followers a look behind the scenes of what goes on during the off-season. Extra points if you use a cool song and time the clips to the beat like Kirsten van Croonenborgh did here.

5. Get Relatable

Make a simple BTS video relatable to your followers by connecting it to a caption like in this example.

6. Weekend Racing Realness

Want to show your audience what a weekend in racing looks like? Use 1-second clips with a trending song, and BOOM!: You’ve got yourself an easy reel. Click here to watch.

7. A Secret Sponsorship Usage

Another fun reel showing a sponsor’s product in action! Wheels to be as clean as a mirror? Sign me up! Watch here.

8. Renewing Partners

Who wouldn’t want to belong to the Honda family when it looks this badass? Check out this super cool clip.

9. Race Day Swager

There’s no better way to promote race day than to show clips of a racer in all their glory. Avoid the “static graphic” announcing race day and do this instead, like Joey Logano.

10. The Sizzle Reel

Give your audience a little sneak peek of what type of content they’ll see in your account, here’s how.

11. The Hot Take

Post a video that is relatable yet controversial so it has the factors to go viral, like Kelsey Rowlings did in this Reel video.

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