Everything You Need to Know About Reels for 2023

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In the last few months, Instagram has rolled out their video consolidation plan. This means that instead of having unique tabs and algorithms for Reels, feed Videos, and IGTV (which used to vary in length and tools), all videos under 15 minutes are now classified as Reels.

So if you saw a big dropoff in your Reels impressions and views the last few months of 2022…that would be why (us included). The feature has now become very saturated with content, impacting how far your Reels can reach.

This update also comes with a pretty wide array of features to use in-app when creating Reels, like Templates and easier editing features. Reels and video are far from over, even with the highly saturated content market right now. Our rules of branding and unique content creation are true no matter what anyone else is doing! Stay true to yourself and your brand, and you’ll see your reach and ROI increase again.

As we finish out the 2022 season and start 2023, here are some tips and content ideas to keep you going during the content production process! (P.S. Don’t miss your chance to save BIG on the #1 motorsports social media training – scroll to the bottom to get 25% off!)

Don’t Waste Seconds

Even though Reels can be up to 60 seconds, 7-15 seconds is still the best length for a Reel if you want maximum impressions and engagement. So if we’re working in the 10-second range, every moment matters. Don’t waste milliseconds at the beginning of your Reel with silence (or what’s better known as the deeply-embarrassing Millennial Pause). Use the countdown feature if you need to get ready for an audio, and make sure to trim down any excess pausing. You want your video to start at the exact point your mouth moves to say something.

How to Find Trending Reels Audio

Using trending audio is still going to give you the most bang for your buck. Creating your own original audio is great for voice overs (and should be included in your content plan when you are doing race recap videos), but Instagram still promotes popular trends and audios. You want to be in on the trend as it gets popular, not too late. To ensure this, spend time finding audios with 10K or fewer Reels for the maximum opportunity to be seen.

Don’t Waste a Good Idea for the Algorithm

That being said, trends are not nearly the exclusive growth option they once were. We’re still seeing new videos go viral with sounds that were popular 8+ months ago. Why? Because the idea is hilarious and people still find it entertaining. If you have a great, authentic, on-brand idea for a Reel that uses an old sound or an entirely original one—go for it!

New Content Ideas for Motorsports Racers

Outfit Quick Change

There are so many ways to play with the “waiting for the beat to drop” trend. This quick change into your racing suit is so cool (and so easy to do).

Timelapse in the Shop

Your vehicle needs constant care, and while it may seem “boring” to you at this point, your fans and followers will love your behind-the-scenes content. Film your next panel adjustment or tune-up on timelapse to create a quick piece of content.

Instagram vs. Reality Reels

Instagram can really make anything seem polished and sexy, but you know that most of a race day is…not that. Your followers will love seeing the true story with this “Instagram vs. Reality” trend. (Make sure to use this trending audio!).

All in the Details

I’m loving these car detail trends. There are lots of audios, like the one above, that are perfect for showing off the stylish details of your car, suit, or race team.

Multi-POV Reels

Move over “POV” Reels, this multiple camera angles trend allows your followers to get as close to riding with you as possible. Take your phone along for the ride and then spend a few minutes in an editing app to make the stacked format. Totally worth it for this cool effect. No time for the stacked effect? That’s fine! Anything this up close and personal (with your car revving this loud) is sure to get your fans and followers hyped.


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