Consistency Should Be Your Social Media Focus and Here’s Why

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If it’s one thing I know about you, it’s that you value discipline and consistency. You keep your shop in pristine condition and your car in top racing shape. You keep your family running smoothly and you never skip test-n-tune days or off-season practice. 

But your Instagram? Consistency has never been your strong suit there. And I get it — without some practice and intentionality, getting on the ‘gram regularly can feel like a hassle at best and a chore at worst. But there are so many reasons to stick to a consistent Instagram engagement schedule of posting and nurturing.

I’m breaking down my 3 top reasons consistency is the key to hacking your Instagram growth:

You, the poster

I’m a huge fan of scheduling and part of that is because I see so much value in consistency. For you, trying to build up your sponsors and your online fan base, knowing that you have a plan for success online is key. Creating a consistent schedule that you’ll show up online to share and engage will help you bring your racing biz to the next level (and feel confident you’re doing all you can to get yourself there).

Remember: It’s better to do less with consistency than to do a week of all-out Stories and Reels and Posts and then silence for the next month. Start small, and build your consistency habit.

Them, the fans

Consistency isn’t only good for you, it’s also great for your followers. When your followers can start to expect certain kinds of content from you at certain times, you start building loyalty and trust with them, which is key for securing sponsors and winning fans.

Try putting a theme to your posting days to make it easier on you and excite your followers—maybe you do behind-the-scenes content on Tuesdays on Stories and you always post from the pits or shop on Fridays.

It, the algorithm

Consistency in social media posting is something the algorithm loves + needs to keep your content in front of the right people. When followers consistently engage with your stories and your posts, the algorithm notes that as a significant relationship and will continue to push your content to them and others similar to them.

Instagram wants to make its’s users’ time on the app really worth their while (so they stay longer, of course) so the more opportunities you present to your followers to engage with you, the stronger your algorithm connection with them will be!

So consistency is a big deal to you as the creator and your business growth as a whole. I know you’ve already got that discipline streak in you—here’s your challenge to apply it to your Instagram content! Try it for a month: Pick a weekly (doable!) schedule and stick to it for 4 weeks. 

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