Content Clarity with Racing Content Categories

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When social media is a standard of your marketing mix, you end up making a lot of content. Knowing what to spend your time talking about online is the key to not wasting your time and keeping your audience engaged. Creating content categories for yourself will help guide your content creation and posting schedule!

Not every racer has the same content categories, even though our “niches” are similar. Your audience has a unique personality, and the best racing brands have a solid personality, too, that speaks directly to your audience.

Here’s how to create your own content categories for social media posting:

Look at the Past

In order to move forward, you should take a look back at what you’ve already done. I recommend looking back at your posts from the previous 2 months and take note of the impressions and engagements on each one. From there, analyze to see what formats did the best for you – was it Reel videos or carousels or static images? This will give you a good place to start when creating new content.

Test, Test, Test

Once you know what types of posts have performed well, you can test out new ways to repeat the same styles. If there is one that consistently sticks out – then make that a primary content category. On the other hand, if there is a style that always gets low engagement, then it’s time to move onto something different. By categorizing your content, it makes it so much easier to know what types of pictures and videos you need the next time you’re at the track, in the shop, or using a sponsor’s product.

I suggest grouping your content into 5 different primary ones and 5 filler ones. That way you never run out of ideas of what to post! (Need some inspo? Keep reading for the categories I use.)

Your Fans Come First

Your social media is based on the combination of what you uniquely have to say and what your target audience needs. So don’t only come up with ideas of content that YOU want to see and hear. Otherwise, your followers won’t be able to take it in because it’s not always what they actually like. 

I encourage you to talk about your story and share how you got started racing, but mix in some personal references that will reach your target market and build connections on a deeper level. 

Remember, you are NOT trying to talk to the masses, only your ideal followers that are your true race fans and supporters of your sponsors. Talk about your life, your racing, and your brand through the lens of how it applies to your followers.

Stay Consistent with a calendar

Once you have your categories figured out, and you know what your audience likes to see and hear, then it’s super easy to plan ahead. Using content categories to build out your social media calendar for the month will give you much needed clarity when you get that feeling of not knowing what to post. Plus, by posting consistently, you’re earning more points with the Instagram algorithm!

Start With These Content Ideas

Some great categories that I use for my content when I am racing are race results during the weekend (including a preview before the race and a recap video afterwards), sharing behind the scenes looks in the pits or at the race shop, facts about me and introductions, my outdoor hobbies, using sponsored products, traveling, personal interests, and vulnerable stories while racing. 

I found that sometimes your followers and fans may not follow you for all of your categories, maybe they just really like one of them. And that’s okay because they are on their way to know you, like you, and trust you.

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