The Social Media Formula You Need to Please Fans and Sponsors

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As a public figure, you stand in the gap between your fans and your sponsors. Your social media is the best place to bridge that gap by drawing fans in and keeping them engaged, while also meeting the criteria that sponsors are looking for in a brand ambassador. Fortunately, there’s some overlap between what your fans want to see and what your sponsors need in your social media content. Here’s that formula:

Fans Want to See…

Epic race moments

Nothing brings the fan energy like an epic race moment. A win after so much hard work. A split-second photo finish. A video from inside the car right before a crash. Whatever makes racing epic and awesome to you, capture and share it. Your fans will love every moment and angle!

BTS of building your car and engine

Fans range in car-understanding from “my uncle’s neighbor’s cousin had a car” to full time mechanic, but no matter where they fall, behind-the-scenes content of you working on your car is always a winner. Prop your phone up on the shop table and set to record a video so you always have engine-building content ready to go. Timelapses are great here!

Vulnerable moments

Your fans want to see you as a real person, especially on the track. When you lose, how do you respond? How do you celebrate a win? Do you ever get heated at another racer, and can you share some raw footage of that? Capture more than just the highlight reel.

Sponsors Want to See…

Their products being used at the track

You’re likely not being sponsored by any products that you don’t actively use at the track—but making a point to capture each of those sponsored products in action and call them out on social is crucial. Show how seamlessly these products integrate into your career and especially hype up how much better a performer they make you on the track.

Their products being used at home

What sponsored products incorporate right into your everyday life? These are the ones that reach beyond the shop and the track. It’s easy to feature these products in your everyday use when they’re authentic. Share some stories of your workout routine, outdoor hobbies, parenting, DIY around the house, or another lifestyle social media content that features your sponsor’s products in a natural way.


Sponsors want to feel like you and your brand totally align with them and their values. And since they’re a business, a sense of decorum and professionalism is totally expected. When you’re on the track, they want to see that you’re a mature professional who handles every scenario well. 

The Overlap:

Epic race moments + product being used at the track = How you use the product to your advantage, what are the benefits

How did a product help you accomplish that epic moment? Show both the moment and product in it’s whole and use the caption or audio voice over to make the connection. Your fans will love the epic moment, and your sponsors will love seeing the powerful connection between their product and your success.

BTS of building + products being used at home = What you do when you’re not racing

When you’re off the track, who are you? When it’s just you in the shop or working out to stay in racing shape, what products do you bring with you? A natural inclusion of these products with behind-the-scenes content of you building your car (and your life) will please both groups.

Vulnerable + professional = Your real life as a persona and a racer

Social media allows you to hide parts of yourself if you want to—but showing both your vulnerable and professional side is essential to giving sponsors and fans the kinds of social media content they need to feel truly connected to you. Highlight both your personal life and the persona you put on as a racer; seeing both sides will only make fans and sponsors love you more.

Working in a mix of content on social media to meet the needs of both your fans and your sponsors will ensure that you grow in both groups of people. That’s why I designed Driven by Social Academy to help you attract fans and sponsors to your brand to launch your career into the fast lane online. Not only will I give you the best tips for creating magnetic content, but you’ll also get all the nuts and bolts to help you post with ease. >>> Join here!

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