How to Prove to Sponsors the Exact Value of Your Social Media Strategy: PART TWO

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In part one of this series, we talked about how to track and determine the value of your different social media post types so that you can share with sponsors exactly what working with you is worth. 

But what types of posts are the best? Let’s find out.

Which Post Types Add the Most Value?

Oyston’s example and ours highlighted that video posts have more impressions than image or link posts — and this is absolutely true in 2022. Video is cool and trending, reaches more of your followers and a wider audience, generates more clicks, and overall has a high ROI

However, knowing the goals of your sponsor is essential to choosing the right kind of content. While video might generate the most clicks, if your sponsor’s goal focuses on brand awareness or community engagement, images can do just as well. 

Your pitch deck will include an outline of all of the possible forms of content that make sense for your sponsors. Then once you secure the deal, you will work together to collaborate on exactly what and when you will post and if they will share it on their pages as well. You want to make sure they have final approval before you do an exclusive post about their products and brand. As Oyston says, “Poor execution of social media can alienate your own social media audience and make your other messaging less effective.”

Calculate a price

Revealbot data calculates the average Facebook Ad cost per click (CPC) is $0.97 in 2022, down 4-cents from 2021. However, the CPC varys based on the region, campaign type (conversion vs awareness) and industry. Because Facebook and social media is mostly used for leisure, the type of industry can be a huge factor that can change the price. For example, apparel or home decor ads will be lower than life insurance ads. 

If we apply the rule of 2.31% of people a Facebook post reaches will click through, and if we round up the average Facebook ad spend to $1 per click, you can easily put a value on the price of each kind of post!

For example, let’s say that your image posts reaches an average of 500 people and your video posts reach an average of 2,500 people, then you would calculate the following:

  • Image posts + link — $12 ($136 for RMR)
  • Video posts + link — $58 ($970 for RMR!)

How to improve impressions and CTR

Once we gather a baseline of what you can offer to a sponsor on social media with a specific post, you want to help them understand how basic social media works (and how you arrived at your unique value). So show them the formula for how you calculate CTR and CPC and let the numbers do the talking. We also want to draw the connection for them between how they’re currently doing on their own social media platforms and how your partnership will then increase their impressions.

Not everyone who “likes” their page is going to see all of their posts. In fact, Facebook discourages organic page reach so that businesses are forced to increase ad spend to get more views and engagements. Instead, organic reach can be as low as 5-10% of the total page likes. So for a business page with 10,000 likes, only 500-1,000 people will see the posted content regularly.

This is why creative choices and your unique value are so important—engagement is the singular trick to get more impressions. Likes, shares, and comments will tell the algorithm to push the post to more people who follow the page. With high-engaging posts (and a strong call to action in the caption), your organic reach can grow from 500 people to 5,000.

But if you want to go beyond that, then you will need to throw some cash at boosting the post. Facebook limits organic reach on purpose – after all, it is a great business model to make a lot of money. You can do this for as little as $1 but that won’t get you very far. Aim for $40 and see where that gets you! You can include this price in your sponsorship pitch deck.

One last thing to note, the more links you include in your captions, the better. Your audience will get used to seeing them and clicking to read more or sign up or purchase something from you. This will also increase your CTR. So this means if you have your own website, then you need to constantly be updating it and directing traffic there. Or, if you have an email newsletter (which you don’t need a website for that) you should be telling people to sign up monthly. You could also be sending people to your YouTube channel or Instagram. The point is, share links regularly! 

If you don’t know what your CTR is, then this resource that I made will help you figure it out. Continue to use your analytics to hone in on the posts with the highest impressions and engagement. You’ll notice that the better your posts are, the more organic reach you can achieve, increasing your overall value to your sponsors.

When it comes to getting paid to post on social media, you need to have a good foundation and understanding of your post impressions and link clicks. These two data points will help you get more out of your sponsorships.

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