Easy Ways to Promote Your Sponsors on Social Media In Your Everyday Use

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So you’ve hustled, presented, and it’s finally happened—you landed the sponsors you hoped for! Your trailer is full of products that you’re excited to promote, and you’re still basking in the glow of a hard-fought sales pitch.

But now comes the hard part: Promoting your sponsors as you told them you could. That means tons of content, tracking, and engagement. Keeping up the content machine without interrupting your work (or taking all your time away from the shop) can feel like a mighty task. I’m here to give you some ideas on how to align your sponsored promotion with your audience’s favorite kind of posts: behind-the-scenes, everyday content. 

These posts may seem ordinary compared to the high-adrenaline, on-board videos or race recaps where you share all of the raw and real emotions after your victory or defeat. But, the more relatable you can be with your target market, the more they know, like, and trust you. They’ll become loyal supporters of your racing and the sponsors you promote.

Here are my favorite tips for you to try away from the track:

Upgrade your ride

Consider changing the oil in your daily driver, switching out spark plugs in your lawnmower, applying wax after a wash, or mounting a new set of tires. The company you are partnered up with most likely makes products that can be used outside of your race ride. So record a timelapse video of pouring their oil into the engine of your truck or car.

Using promo materials

Your sponsor company may have some promotional materials for you. Expect some banners to hang in your pits, branded backpacks, or even something fun like a stress ball. Make sure you share these cool items on your social media! For example, how you travel to your races using the branded backpack. Easy!

Promote with a swag pack giveaway

You can take that last one a step further – host a giveaway online for a swag pack with samples and other branded items and merchandise! Your fans will love access to the limited edition items and they can share an unboxing video to promote your new sponsor even further.

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