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Have you ever explained what a hashtag is to someone who doesn’t use social media all that often? It can be tough! If you’re reading this going, “Um, I’m that racer that doesn’t understand hashtags…” have no fear! This post is going to help you not just understand what hashtags are and the power they hold in your social media presence, but also how to use them effectively and efficiently. Hashtags might be the thing that takes your racing social presence to the next level.

Let’s dive in!

What are hashtags and why do I care?

Hashtags are a categorization tool. Sometimes they’re simple keywords, like “racer” or “drag racing” but often they’re unique, including other emojis and phrases that only your people know. They help sort content into searchable categories that make it super easy for the people who need to know about you to find you!

It may seem like a waste of time to have 30 random #blahblah following your post, but trust me — the algorithm seriously uses hashtags to help move your content to the right people.  

How Do I Use Hashtags?

There are a lot of hacks and tricks out there on the perfect combination of hashtags to use on your posts, but it’s best to start with the basics.

You can use up to 30 on Instagram, and I suggest that you use them all! The more opportunities, the better. Also, make sure to mix them up pretty often. If you use the same 30 over and over, the algorithm won’t like that and won’t share your content as far.

When you’re using hashtags, make sure they’re super relevant. If you use a hashtag like “coffee” on a post that is you in the shop (with no coffee), the algorithm will know that’s not correct and won’t share your post as far as if you used highly-relevant hashtags. It’s not worth it to use the highest-trending hashtags if they’re not related to your content.

Spend time in the hashtags! You can search for hashtags or keywords in the Instagram search bar. As you’re gathering the ones you’d like to use, know that the same people you’re trying to reach are also engaging with those hashtags. Spend time liking their comments and checking out their profiles.

How Do I Find the Perfect Hashtag?

Speaking of searching for hashtags, here’s how to find the ones that are perfect for you. Start by searching for hashtags that are simple keywords, like “#dragracing.” Those “Top Posts” are the ones getting the most engagement and attention (you wanna be like those posts). Check out what other hashtags those people are using, and start tapping. Keep a list or spreadsheet of those hashtags and go down the rabbit hole. 

Jot down the hashtag and also how many posts have used that hashtag. This is called hashtag density. You want to use a mix of densities when you’re using hashtags. Here’s a quick breakdown:

Low: >10,000

Mid: 10,000 – 90,000

High: 100,000 – 999,000

Super High or Full: 1,000,000+

The lower the density, the higher your chances of making an impact. A mix of densities will get your posts in front of the widest audience. Aim for a ratio of densities similar to this to start: 10 low density, 10 mid, 7 high, 3 full.

And there’s your intro to hashtags for racers! Here’s the best part: I’ve created a list of hashtags just for racers, so you can cut out the density searching and the rabbit hole on the ‘gram. Just mix up and use these hashtags for the next 30 days and see what happens to your reach. Grab your copy here >>>

Are you a huge hashtag fan? What are your tips and tricks for racers using hashtags?

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