What is a Fulfillment Report and Why Do You Need One?


A fulfillment report (or also known as a proof of performance report) is the most valuable part of a sponsorship journey because it keeps the money coming back to you. The purpose of the fulfillment report is to highlight the success and the reach or sales of the partnership. You will need to include data that you’ve been collecting since day 1 of when the contract was signed. 

It’s not only about how many races you competed in, it’s about how many times your sponsor got exposure or how you added marketing value or provided research or increased sales, and how many people they reached because of you. Use the fulfillment report to show what you committed to plus more; exceed their expectations for a higher chance at renewal.

If you’ve noticed that the biggest teams get new sponsors often, and keep their sponsors for a long time, it’s because they have good fulfillment reports to renew and they use this data to put into decks for potential sponsors to impress them. 

What goes in a Fulfillment Report?

Here’s an outline of what I include in my year-end or end-of-contract fulfillment reports. I suggest building a template that’s ready to go so it’s easier to plug in photos, articles, and stats:

  • Cover and table of contents.
  • Races results with attendance count and lots of photos. Try using photos of you interacting with fans like signing autographs or handing out samples instead of shots of your car on the track.
  • Any interview you had with the number of readers/viewers/listeners and links to read the articles. Also include the logo of the publications where it was published and web traffic if available. This includes TV coverage, podcasts, press releases or race recaps, blogs, etc.
  • Social media screenshots of your best posts with impressions, engagements, video views, and follows. Put the data into a graph showing growth per month for each platform.
  • Pictures of signage and branding, merchandise, hero cards, pit spaces, wraps, uniforms, gear, banners, t-shirt sales, coupons, samples, email sign-ups, etc. basically anything and everything that you branded with your sponsor.
  • Other activations: displays, guest appearances, autograph signings, company retreats, visiting charities, car shows, community parades, and industry conferences. Don’t forget to include the number of attendance so the sponsors can see that you’re actually getting their name out into the public.

It’s also easiest to keep a running spreadsheet with links to your articles and interviews, race results, social media reach, etc. so you’re not scrambling at the end of the year trying to remember what you did way back in March. By updating your spreadsheet every week or every month it will save you time in the long run!

Remember, you need to make your sponsor the center of attention, so show your assets with lots of pictures and video content and big graphics with valuations through numbers and data. Include as much information as you can, don’t leave anything out! The fulfillment report is one of the most important parts of your business and marketing as a racer, so make sure you put the effort into proving your efforts were a success and increase your chance of sponsorship renewal.

Need help with creating your fulfillment report? Set up a private 1:1 coaching call with me.

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