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I know you struggle with being consistent and knowing what and when to post between races, especially during the off-season, and I know it because we all struggle with it! Here’s the main reason why it can get complicated: lack of organization. Now, I’m not saying you’re an unorganized person, but it’ll be harder to create content for your races and events if you don’t plan it!

Today’s I’m sharing with you my social media secret weapon: A content calendar. And not just any calendar, but one that strategically promotes races and sponsorships along with relatable lifestyle content to connect you with the best followers.

Why a calendar is valuable and how to plan this month’s posts in just 1 day:

A social media or content calendar is helpful for many reasons. First, it keeps me organized—if it’s not written down in this calendar, I’ll totally forget to post or share. 

It also allows me to plan out my content strategically. Especially this season with races coming up and sponsorship deals to promote, I need to make sure I’m being faithful to my commitments for our race team. But, also, I don’t want my feed to just become a stream of promo. With the calendar, I can intersperse lifestyle and personal content based on content categories I created to have a well-rounded personal brand online.

Here are 3 things I concentrate on when creating my monthly calendar:

1 – Focus on an anchor point.

How many races do you have this month?

How are you preparing for your next race? Is it a new event or your local series?

Do you have a sponsor’s product you want to promote? Or maybe a service?

Use this to be your anchor, and it’ll keep you steady, so when you create content, you are always thinking about it. Share behind-the-scenes videos of how you’re preparing the car, post pictures from the last time you raced there, and take a selfie once you get to the track. It gives your content direction.

Fill in your calendar with your races and appearances you have this month, then work backwards and fill in the days leading up to them with different posts to promote your next event.

2 – How can you get people to buy a specific product or service from your sponsor?

When your sponsors task you with selling their products, they do so because your audience trusts you, but also because they know you have the ability to create posts that recommend their products without sounding “salesy”. For example, meal prepping for the weekend or how to change your oil filter before a race.

It’s the educational portion of content marketing that is key: showing followers the solution to their problems.

Pick one day a week in your calendar that you’ll promote a sponsor outside of the race track or content that you captured while at a previous event.

3 – Use filler lifestyle content categories

Your fans come to your profile because they (of course) like you. But also, because they look up to you! They trust that you will add value to their lives in whatever way you can. That means that your content cannot only be promotional or educational, but it will also need to be inspiring and relatable. 

I recommend having 3-5 filler lifestyle content categories; such as your different hobbies, family time, and what else makes you unique. For the rest of the blank days in your calendar, alternate between these filler categories to connect deeper with your audience.

How can I start?

Don’t waste your time researching or starting from scratch; I’ve made a calendar just for you! Grab your social media calendar spreadsheet here. Use code HALFOFF for 50% off! 

It’s the same one provided inside of the Driven by Social e-Course, and it comes with a training video of how I use it when planning races and sponsored content for my race team and clients. It’s easy to use and will help you be productive and intentional with your content. (And not worry about not having anything to post!)

First, add in all your races, events, and sponsorship promos and autograph signings for this month. Then, fill in the other spaces with lifestyle, personal, and other promotional content based on your own content categories. I’ve provided 4 for you to get started inside of the calendar! I also have a screen recording video of how I use the calendar spreadsheet to plan my posts and schedule them for Facebook and Instagram.

Remember to keep your fans and followers in mind while you plan out this content. You want to post a few days before your next race or appearance to let them know when and where you will be at, and build up hype and excitement as you get prepared. Then once the event is over, do a race recap or debrief and let them know when your next one will be. Tell them how you feel and share a fun or vulnerable story from the weekend, and don’t forget to mix in your other hobbies and interests between racing posts so your audience can get to know you better and relate with you.

Do you use a calendar to plan your social media or do you post on a whim? What tools do you use to keep yourself organized?

Remember to download your social media calendar spreadsheet here! Use promo code HALFOFF for 50% off! 

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