Why You Need to Start Natively Posting to Social Media

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When you’re building your racing career, connecting with sponsors, and running multiple social media accounts—it gets overwhelming, fast.

It’s tempting to get the job done as quickly as possible, especially in the world of social media posts, and Instagram has the option to save you time and post directly onto Facebook. While duplicating your content from one platform to another seems like the best way to keep your accounts growing, double or triple posting your content isn’t as effective as it may seem.

In this post today, I’ll be sharing why not to copy-paste your posts across your social media platforms, and what to do instead.

Don’t: Copy-Paste Your Posts

Each social media platform functions pretty differently in your awareness-building arsenal. They have different algorithms, different kinds of preferred content, and different audiences spending time on each.

What you create for Facebook isn’t going to land quite as well on Instagram and definitely won’t be nailing TikTok or LinkedIn. Consider the different kinds of content you have available to you, use your analytics tracking on each different platform, and construct a social media content calendar to keep yourself organized.

This doesn’t mean, however, that you can’t use the same general idea for each post. In fact, I encourage you to keep the goals of your posts the same but change the medium as appropriate. Using an Instagram carousel post versus a Facebook Live video (with appropriate captions and hashtags, of course) will help your audience understand your content in so many different ways, getting you to your goals faster.

Do: Post Natively to Each Platform

Therefore, make sure you’re creating your content with each specific platform in mind! Keeping your content identical across all platforms will bore your audience and not leverage the platforms to their full advantage.

Additionally, if you’re using a social media scheduler like Creator Studio, Later, Preview, or Hootsuite, I encourage you to spend some time in the app before and after your scheduled posts publish. This tells the platform’s algorithm that you are involved in the platform and continuing to build relationships there. When you get the chance to natively post to each platform, that’s always a win for authenticity and engagement.

If you’re struggling with what to post and when here’s my Social Media Content Spreadsheet! Get it 50% off with code HALFOFF!

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